CyberLab: IT-Accelerator from Karlsruhe 

There are many Accelerators out there, and yes, we are one of them, but a very special one.

Some accelerator programmes promise you coaching, business contacts, and access to venture capital. That is great! However, we think that is not enough. Therefore, we offer you more:

Personalized coaching


23 years of experience with startups and the IT field

A network of 1,200 businesses related to the IT sector

As we are not driven by a corporate innovation strategy you don´t have to tie your business model to the accelerator’s interests. This means we won’t take your company shares.

We want what you want: the success of your startup!  

Team and advisory councils 

Bild: Michael Rausch
Michael Rausch

Co-CEO CyberForum

+49 177 5156777

Bild: Daniel Karszt
Daniel Karszt

Head of CyberLab

+49 721.602 897-31

Bild: Oezer Kopdur
Oezer Kopdur

Investor Network

+49 721.602 897-50

Bild: Christian Kurrle
Christian Kurrle


+49 721.602 897-52

Bild: Manuel Sicca
Manuel Sicca

Startup Consultant

+49 721.602 897-615

Bild: Michel Yammine
Michel Yammine

IT-Security Lab & TeamUp

+49 721.602 897-611

Bild: Giulia Morcelli
Giulia Morcelli



Bild: Michael Brauner
Michael Brauner

Intern CyberLab

Bild: Justus Langer
Justus Langer

Intern CyberLab

Bild: Dr. Joachim Bernecker
Dr. Joachim Bernecker

Business Angel

Bild: Anita Berres
Anita Berres

Berres Strategy Consulting

Bild: Elmar Buschlinger
Elmar Buschlinger

HighTech - HighTouch

Bild: Sven Häwel
Sven Häwel

Rank Me Up GmbH

Bild: Andreas Hallwachs
Andreas Hallwachs

Geschäftsführer SWK Novatec GmbH

Bild: Markus Hennig
Markus Hennig

Board member

Agile Partners GmbH

Bild: Dr. Friedrich G. Hoepfner
Dr. Friedrich G. Hoepfner

Honorary Chairman CyberForum e.V.

Hoepfner Strategie

Bild: Matthias Hornberger
Matthias Hornberger

Chairman of the board

CEO Kizoo Technology Capital GmbH

Bild: Martin Hubschneider
Martin Hubschneider

Board member

CAS Software AG

Bild: Dr. Jakob Karszt
Dr. Jakob Karszt

Business Angel

Bild: Dr. Oliver Mauss
Dr. Oliver Mauss

Investor, Mentor

Bild: Christian Roth
Christian Roth

Geschäftsführer LEA Partners GmbH

Bild: Matthias Schürer
Matthias Schürer

Brauerbund Baden-Württemberg

Bild: Ralph Suikat
Ralph Suikat

Gründer Fairantwortung gAG, Business Angel, Investor

Bild: Prof. Dr. Orestis Terzidis
Prof. Dr. Orestis Terzidis

EnTechnon (KIT)

Intensive Accelerator-Programme

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Intensive Accelerator-Programme

Preceding the CyberLab, the Prelab is a four-week intensive training for startups. Together with experienced mentors we analyse your business concept. Thereby, we aim to help you minimize risks and sharpen your market alignment.  

More about Prelab

IT-Security Lab
Accelerator for IT-Security Startups

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IT-Security Lab
Accelerator for IT-Security Startups

The IT Security Lab offers startups in the IT security sector ideal conditions for bringing their business idea to marketability.

 Still working on your business concept? Then you can participate in our IT-Security PreLab, a four-week intensive training programme.

 Your business model is well-elaborated and you want to get off the ground? Apply for IT Security Lab and benefit from support that really fits your needs for up to 12 months.

 The IT Security Lab offers perfect especially for startups in the IT security sector.  

More about IT-Security Lab

Our Teams in the CyberLab

Let´s go! Apply now for the CyberLab. 


Startups from the high-tech, IT, software and Internet industries whose business model has above-average potential can apply. It is also decisive that the founding team is highly committed to the cause and convinces with a passionate appearance.

CyberLab Application 

Are you interested in moving into the CyberLab? Then fill out the contact form below and apply for our IT Accelerator. We will then contact you and check whether you meet the criteria in an interview. Afterwards, a pitch in front of our jury will decide whether you will be accepted into the CyberLab.

Bewerbungsformular CyberLab

Pitch deck or Onepager (if available)
Data protection

Mit Absendung Ihrer Daten erklären Sie Ihre Einwilligung darin, dass wir diese in dem in unseren Datenschutzhinweisen genannten Umfang (vgl. Kontaktformular und E-Mail Kontakt) zum Zweck der Bearbeitung Ihrer Anfrage verarbeiten und Sie auf demselben Kommunikationsweg kontaktieren dürfen.

Überdies verarbeiten wir die Daten aufgrund berechtigten Interesses. Wir löschen die Daten, wenn Ihr Anliegen erkennbar endgültig erledigt ist, die Einwilligung widerrufen wird bzw. Sie wirksam der weiteren Verarbeitung Ihrer Daten durch uns widersprechen.

Weitere Informationen dazu erhalten Sie in unseren Datenschutzhinweisen.

So you will find CyberLab:

[Translate to Englisch:] Altes_Maelzerei_Hoepfner_Burg

So you will find CyberLab:

Arrival by car  

If you are arriving via the A5 or A8, take the Karlsruhe-Durlach exit. Drive along Durlacher Allee towards the city centre until you reach Ostring. Follow the Ostring to the intersection Haid-und-Neu-Straße. Turn left into Haid-und-Neu-Straße and follow the road until you reach Hoepfner-Burg. 

Arrival by public transport

The best way to reach the CyberForum from the main station is to take line 4 (direction Waldstadt). 

CyberForum e.V.
Haid-und-Neu-Straße 18
76131 Karlsruhe
T 0721.602 897-0
F 0721.602 897-99
Opening hours:from Monday untill Thursday between 8:00 and 17:00 hrs. Friday between 8:00 and 15:00 hrs.

E-mail: info(at)  

Funding and cooperation 




Wolfgang Grenke
Vice Chairman of the Board 
Grenke AG


Dr. Friedrich Georg Hoepfner

companyDepartment: Hoepfner Strategie

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)   

The construction of the CyberLab Accelerator infrastructure is supported by the European Union, the State of Baden-Württemberg and the City of Karlsruhe within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) - Operational Programme Baden-Württemberg 2014-2020 "Innovation and Energy Turnaround".
The construction of the Accelerator creates the conditions for a state-wide centre for ICT startups, which will be visible as a beacon beyond the borders of Baden-Württemberg and will have a pulling effect on the best ICT founders and investors. Spin-offs from universities, research institutions and companies will receive comprehensive support in their early stages in the planned building in order to develop and implement marketable business models.
The project creates an attractive offer that opens up Karlsruhe's unique location advantages for a nationwide ICT accelerator in order to support outstanding high-tech founders.

European Social Fund (ESF)  

The ERDF project "CyberLab Accelerator" supports the construction of the premises and the ESF project "CyberLab Baden-Württemberg" supports the qualification of founders as entrepreneurs:
The CyberLab BW consists of a construction kit with qualification modules. The first modules are aimed at startups in the experimentation and discovery phase and support them with so-called "Pre-Labs", in which startups work on their startup projects in thematic areas - for example, the targeted market or the technologies used. They are supported in this by mentors.
In the CyberLab, the startups then experience a twelve-month "acceleration programme" that prepares them for market entry. Mentoring is intensified and individualised, and the founders are supported by internal coaches who themselves have startup experience. In addition, the startups have contact persons at the 40-headed CyberForum team for topics such as marketing and sales, human resources, support programmes, internationalisation and networking. The topic of financing will also be dealt with in greater depth in the CyberLab: The startups gain access to funding projects and to the investor network of the CyberForum.